Truffle Asset Management


Truffle, a specialist asset manager, approached us with the goal of rebranding their company to match their award-winning services better. The aim was to create a modern, trustworthy and accessible brand that conveys the precision and compliance required in the field of Asset Management. Working closely with the Truffle team, we established their vision, values, …

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Colour Psychology and How to Use it in Your Branding

What is colour psychology? Colour psychology is the study of how colour can affect people’s emotions and behaviours. Understanding colour psychology and using it correctly can be super helpful when deciding on branding.  The right colours can trigger the right responses. Knowing what emotions you want to evoke from your audience is the first step. …

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Pippa Rauch

Pippa is a highly skilled industrial psychologist who helps people and companies find meaningful and fulfilling work. She approached us in search of a brand that would attract her ideal clients– those who value her expertise and are committed to finding work that is enriching and fulfilling. and we worked together to develop a brand …

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cure bar and juicery

Cure Bar and Juicery

Cure Bar and Juicery creates natural juices that aim to heal the body and gut, reduce chronic inflammation, and reduce impact on the environment. They approached us in search of a simple yet striking branding solution that would translate well onto minimalistic packaging design, and we were able to create a visually striking and cohesive …

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Illustration Collection

Browse a few of my illustration commissions. The clients range from SME’s, individuals and/or private clients. I’ve illustrated assets for businesses, portraits of entrepreneurs and families, products for re-sale and even tattoos for individuals. Although my style is quite painterly and realistic my abilities translate to many different styles depending on the client’s preference.