Those Colourful Houses is an ongoing art project inspired by beautiful Muizenberg, my adopted home.

My husband and I moved here at the end of 2018, with little knowledge about the place other than it being a good surf. Shortly after our move, I experienced the birth of my first child, at home, right here in the berg. This experience instantly transformed Muizenberg into an area with a deep, personal meaning. Though life was magical, living in a small flat with a baby called for regular escapes into the outdoors. Walking has always been my favourite mode of travel – it is slow and allows me to take in all the little charms and details, it allows my mind to wander. And it was exactly these daily walks through the neighbourhood that really made me fall in love with this town. I was struck by the enormous creative talent that exists in the local community. All the painted murals, the sculptures, mosaic art, music and so much more, took my breath away. 

Once a year in October, simultaneously to the Muizenberg festival, there is the “Open Studios” exhibition where local artists open their homes to the population, allowing them to experience their studio, their lives and their art. It was then that I birthed the idea of Those Colourful Houses. I wanted to find a way to connect even deeper with this community that I had so fallen in love with. I had just started dabbling in digital painting and this seemed like a perfect opportunity for me to explore my new creative expression. 

Since I initiated this project, I have been welcomed into the homes of local strangers, asking me to illustrate their space. I have done drawings in trade of coffee, food or love. I have met and connected with some of the local artists I admire. 

My desire is that this project inspires you to be a tourist in your own city, to take walks, open your eyes and take the time to get to know your community.


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