About the studio

I’m Carina , freelance graphic designer and illustrator

Paperjetair Studio is a graphic design service that offers branding, web design and illustration packages. It’s run by me, Carina Tremblay, an experienced freelance designer and illustrator. 

The studio exists to help brands discover their voice amongst the noise of the Digital Age. Backed by training in Marketing and the Applied Arts and experience in Digital Marketing and UX/UI Design, I use my graphic design and illustration skills to create beautifully unique work that differentiates my clients from the crowd.

Don’t stress – looking professional doesn’t have to break the bank! I make the design magic happen within your budget. 

Trust me to care as much about your business as you do. When it comes to strategic design, I’m here for you!


01. Making mistakes means that you’re out there doing something

02. Have the correct value sets. Why do you want to do what you do?

03. Be the CEO your mom wanted you to marry

04. Business is a process, not an entity

05. Why boil the ocean to make a cup of tea?
Keep it simple.

06. Creativity is only subjective until it reaches the marketplace, then it’s measurable

07. Assumption is the mother of all f*ups

08. It takes a village to build a brand

09. Is this being productive or just active?

10. I've never met a person so ignorant that I didn't learn a thing from her

11. If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change

12. Honesty is the only policy

The 5-step process to better branding

1. Onboarding - discover what makes you different

In this discovery step, I get to know your business by discussing your goals, strategic objectives and what makes you tick.

2. Pinpoint a strategy

It takes a village to build a brand, which is why we’ll work together to come up with a strategy for making your brand even better.

3. Watch the design magic happen

At this step, you sit back and let me design something stunning.

4. Handover and Offboarding

I handover all the design elements in various formats so that you are ready to rock n roll

5. Cultivate more opportunities

Your business is not an entity but an ongoing process so keep me in the loop – I would love to help you evolve your brand as your business does.