My graphic design services

Fresh, original designs that make your target market sit up
and say “Hello gorgeous!”

The 5-step process to better design / how to build a paperjetair

1. Onboarding - discover what makes you different
In this discovery step, I get to know your business by discussing your goals, strategic objectives and what makes you tick.
2. Pinpoint a strategy​
It takes a village to build a brand, which is why we’ll work together to come up with a strategy for making your brand even better.
3. Watch the design magic happen
At this step, you sit back and let me design something stunning.
4. Handover and Offboarding
I handover all the design elements in various formats so that you are ready to rock n roll.
5. Cultivate more opportunities
Your business is not an entity but an ongoing process so keep me in the loop – I would love to help you evolve your brand as your business does.

client-centric design

My customer’s voice is vital when it comes to the work I deliver.

Creating a feedback loop with my customers, and their customers is important to me. My relationship doesn’t just end when a project is signed off, I strive to listen, measure and improve.