Maryke OT

Maryke OT is an occupational therapy practice that specialises in paediatrics and follows a holistic and family-centered approach. Maryke approached our studio to develop a brand and website that would reflect the values and philosophy of her practice, and that would appeal to families seeking high-quality occupational therapy services. We were able to create a visually appealing and cohesive brand identity and a user-friendly and intuitive website for Maryke OT, effectively communicating the unique value and philosophy of the practice. The resulting brand and website helped position Maryke OT as a trusted and respected resource for paediatric occupational therapy.

Designer notes:

Our goal was to create an online experience that reflected the warm and personalised atmosphere of Maryke OT. To achieve this, we drew inspiration from the rich and playful colors of the props, toys, and materials used in the studio. We also incorporated real-life drawings of the children in the practice, to help harmonise the online and offline experiences and make the website feel more personal and authentic. The resulting website is custom-made and personable, and it truly captures the vibe and spirit of Maryke OT.

Designer notes:

The hero illustration on our website is comprised of multiple individual drawings, each of which represents a different service offering. These illustrations help our target market – parents of children in need of occupational therapy – to better visualise and understand how their child’s needs will be supported. By using these illustrations, we aim to make our services more accessible and understandable, and to help parents feel more confident and reassured that their child will receive the care and support they need.

Kind Words:

“Working with Carina has been an absolute pleasure. She really takes the time to understand one’s business and managed to capture exactly what I had envisioned into a reality. She offers so many versatile skills which I have so appreciated. Her digital drawings are incredibly beautiful and have been a wonderful addition to my website-really creating the correct feel that I wanted for my website. Thank you Carina for all of your time, effort, creativity and love that you have put into this project. I am incredibly grateful!”