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The brief was to create a series of illustrations to showcase the delight moments among the chaos of COVID-19 in South Africa.

1. Neighbourly Love

Lockdown Illustration BrightRock

2. Distance Romance

Lockdown Illustration BrightRock

3. Passion Overload

Lockdown Illustration BrightRock

4. Happy Hour

Lockdown Illustration BrightRock

5. Post Coronavirus

Lockdown Illustration BrightRock

We think South Africa has a lot to share with the world; about embracing change and seeing it as an opportunity for renewal and fresh ways of thinking and being. To thrive here requires deftness – a willingness to move with things as they change and shape around you; to try new things. And an open and curious mind.

In fact, South Africans seem to have a unique muscle strength when it comes to change. It’s a strength derived from the story of our past; and made stronger by our daily lives. It’s a strength we sometimes take for granted – and yet, it’s something the world could probably learn quite a bit about from us. At BrightRock, we believe that with all change, even when it happens to us, there is opportunity. Being able to ‘love change’ is a skill we as South African all possess, we’re naturally a change fit bunch!

Part of BrightRock’s DNA is valuing curiosity and creativity – encouraging and emboldening our teams to explore; to find out what’s around the next corner. Similarly too for our partners and fellow collaborators.

With this in mind, we asked our design partners from a range of backgrounds to each create a piece of art. One that shows their take on navigating this collective moment of change, what they’ve learnt about themselves and their response to it – in short, their creative journey in becoming more ‘change fit’ during this lockdown period.