Pippa Rauch

Pippa is a highly skilled industrial psychologist who helps people and companies find meaningful and fulfilling work. She approached us in search of a brand that would attract her ideal clients – those who value her expertise and are committed to finding work that is enriching and fulfilling. We worked together to develop a brand that represented her values and message. Pippa’s business took off and she approached us again to create a stunning online presence through web design. We were able to design a website that effectively showcases her services and expertise. It was a pleasure to work with Pippa and we look forward to future collaborations. 

Designer notes:

The logo font we designed for Pippa’s practice is a custom typeface that was inspired by the circular symbol. A circle represents completeness and wholeness, as the beginning meets the end without anything being lost in between. It also stands for unity, as people come together and support one another. These values align with Pippa’s mission to guide, support, and empower individuals to uncover and listen to their inner voice and unleash their innate potential. The logo font reflects Pippa’s commitment to helping her clients achieve their goals and find meaning and fulfillment in their work.

Kind words:

“Carina did it again! It was so wonderful working with Carina again on the development of my website. I loved every minute of working with her. Carina created such a safe space to share and collaborate throughout the entire design process. I always valued how easy it was to connect with her about my ideas and how she had the ability to take my ideas and make them into something spectacular! She is so professional and organised which makes the process so much easier and enjoyable too. I look forward to continue working with Carina as my brand evolves. Thank you, Carina for bringing my vision to life and helping develop a website that I am so proud of!”