The best way to get testimonials from your clients

In the last blog post, I spoke all about the benefits of Testimonials and where you can use them within your Web Design and Marketing strategy. Now I’ll talk about how you can get testimonials from your clients.

Like I mentioned in the last post, there are many ways to get your clients to write a review of your product/service. Here I will talk about the way I do it for Paperjetair Studio. My hope is that you can learn a few tricks and adapt my formula to make it your own.

It is part of my off-boarding strategy

First and foremost, you need to have a clear off-boarding ritual with your clients. It should be more than just “here is the final invoice – peace out”. After all, you want to leave your clients smiling, referring, and eventually coming back to you for more.

I always have a final call with my clients, followed by emails with heaps of resources, and then finally, I will send them my final offboarding email. This  email consists of  a link to the google sheet with  the set of questions I ask the relevant client to fill in.

An extract from my offboarding email

Carina’s tip: Anything that is a repeat action within your business should be automated or already set-up. I have a google sheet with pre-typed emails I use frequently. I will just copy-paste the email and then personalize the final message slightly for each client

Don’t have time or skill to set up emails? Check out my copywriter-friend, Jill, who has tons of email templates for sale here.   

The 10 questions I ask my clients

The 10 questions I ask my clients are always evolving. However, I try not to have much more than 10, as it may become a bit of a drag for the person on the other side.

Below you will find the questions I ask my clients:
1. Your Name

2. Your Job Title & Business Name 

3. How do you think our design will impact your business/product?

This helps me understand the value-added benefit of our work.

4. What is your favorite part of the design? 

It is interesting to know what elements were stand-out for the client so I can  be conscious of this for the next project

5. Did we successfully accomplish your design goals? What was your favorite part of working together? 

This helps me understand if the client believed we accomplished their  pain-points. The second question gives me an understanding of how the client enjoyed our working relationship.

6. What was your INITIAL feeling towards the amount quoted? Rate from 1: Cheaper than Expected to 10: Very Expensive

This question gives me an understanding of how my clients feel initially about my pricing strategy.

7. What value do you feel you received from your financial investment? Rate from 1: Did not receive Value to 10: Added Value

Here, I understand how my clients perceive their financial investment after we have completed the project.

8. Can you please write a general review of what it was like working together? (speak to another skeptic potential customer and tell them why we should work together) 

This is where I get the general review that I can use for marketing purposes.

9. Please copy and paste your above answer as a review to my Facebook page below (this really helps my business!! Thank you!!).

Getting clients to review directly on Facebook gives my brand more credibility through social proof.

10. Will you give me permission to use your review in my marketing materials, please? Go for it / No thanks

It is important to ask your clients for permission for you to use their answers in your marketing.

Review, Reflect and Revise

These questions serve no purpose if you don’t make the effort to review each and every entry carefully. Take the time to reflect on all of the different comments, queries, and ratings. 

With time and persistency, you will be able to gather relevant data of your business that will enable you to reach new heights and set new goals. My hope is that you adapt my questions and make them your own. And, with time, gather the relevant data and insight you will need in order to take your business to the next level.

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